Thank God It’s Friday

This week has been the mother of all disasters. Put together a missed flight to Philadelphia, a soaking wet Macbook and TI-89, muscle DOMS, three essays, and you’ve got an angsty Jane desperately searching for some sanity in the form of cupcakes and cup noodles.

But, TGIF.

I’m not getting my hopes up for the snow to clear up any time soon, but at least it’s sunny enough that I can get around campus with only a sweater on. Oh, the wonders of heated walkways. Or rather, what a wasteful investment to spend money on.

Speaking of wonders, I can’t give enough praise for coconut oil. I was pretty satisfied with the same skin-care products that I’ve used for years, but with coconut oil being featured as the new magical elixir from every magazine I seem to read, I couldn’t resist trying it out. Well, I picked up a jar of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil at Trader Joe‘s at $5.99 and ever since, I’ve started using it as a cleanser, a

moisturizer and hand cream. If you really want to know, I’ve opened the jar ever so often to get a whiff of the amazing coconut smell. Get more on the scoop for more uses of coconut oil here:

But now, I’m off to some well-deserved z’s. Toodles!

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 9.45.36 PM

DSC_0044 DSC_0037

Gap shirt, Dsquared2 trousers, Vintage bracelets


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