Easy DIY: Floral Headbands

I’m a rare breed when it comes to diamonds. Nineteen years of girlish tendencies should have fostered some sort of knowledge in the jewelry department, but I’ve yet to accurately discern between a real and a fake diamond (hear that, boys?).

Instead, nothing gets me like chocolates and flowers do.

But while a box of chocolates will leave me in a state of agony as I struggle to eat not too much and not too little, a bouquet of flowers will be nothing short of pure bliss. Trust me. What could be better than your man on his knees in a field of flowers? 

So it wasn’t a big surprise when I found myself frothing at the mouth when I saw these fake flowers on sale at Michael’s. Ever since I came across Kani‘s beautiful Etsy shop, I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect bunch to craft my own.

I scored these for only 8 dollars and the headband for 2 dollars!




Now only if it gets warm enough to wear this outside…

But until then, you’ll find me lurking around in my corner like this.



Jane ;).


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