21 Days to Forever

The Internet has its own mysterious ways that sucks me into its never-ending realm of entertainment. Every now and then, I’ll willingly venture into the wrath of Youtube, fully aware that I’ll have to forcefully drag myself to click on the red “X” button that’s been patiently been sitting on the corner of my screen for the whole three hours. My roommate laments daily how she swears she only promised to watch just one more Youtube video of her favorite K-pop group. But we all do it anyways.

A few months ago, I found myself on TED’s Youtube channel. I probably watched several videos on that day, but I left the site being incredibly inspired by a video with a pretty unoriginal title on TED’s standards – try something new for 30 days. (Tip: If you’ve been on the site, chances are that you’ve clicked on way too many videos with catchy names: “The game that can give you 10 extra years of life”, “How to air-condition outdoor spaces”. But I’ve found that it’s the talks that deal with simple ideas that are much more relatable. It’s interesting to see how someone put a spin on a not-so-unique idea).

Matt Cuts, the speaker of the talk is an engineer at Google and he flied with the idea of trying out a new endeavor-taking a photo, writing a novel, hiking mountains- and sticking it for 30 days. I’ve often heard that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, whether quitting alcohol or cigarettes. So by thirty days, you’re golden.

After gaining 15 pounds in three months since entering college, I really needed a solid plan than drooling over Victoria Secret Models, vowing to never eat again, and spending the night chomping on pizza and chips. That’s when I reminded myself of this video and vowed to drink 3L of water every day. I downloaded an app called Waterlogged to track my daily water intake, and I lost 8 pounds that month. Drinking tons of water inspired me to pursue a healthier lifestyle filled with greens, fruits, and burning calories off by exercising.

For the past month, I woke up at 6:30 in the morning, sprinted to the gym, and ran on the treadmill for thirty-minutes every single day. I thought it was insane, and by the third day, I truly believed that I had earned a royalty to give myself a day off; my calves were sore, I had work piling up, and the running I did in the past two days were more than I’d worked out in six months. But I scolded the voice to keep quiet and went to the gym. After a months, my legs have slimmed down to half, and I now look forward to going to the gym to start off my mornings. It’s become a habit.

I’m searching for a challenge to take on for the next month, and I’m tossing the idea of going gluten-free for a month around in my head. Anyone up to take up on a crazy challenge with me?


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