There’s something so uniquely modern and timeless about Korean design, and I can’t get my eyes off of yesimfrench‘s collection. These pieces are made for the spring and summer, but they could also easily transition into the fall and winter as well.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what makes Korean style what it is. There’s been so much talk about the effortless Parisien girl and the modern New Yorker; surely, the style of Korean women is different from others? I’ve come to a small conclusion that our way of dressing is simple but modern that comes from a lack of too much color or prints. I usually see varying hues of black and white, but I’ll rarely come across a bold color or a statement print. But it’s this way of sticking to the basics and adding subtle but practical changes that makes the works of Korean designers so appealing and easy on the eyes. At the very least, I felt comfortable looking at this collection; I wasn’t startled and wasn’t left wondering whether I could pull a look off. The silver layered top, in my opinion, is the most daring item on the lookbook, but Atelier Chardon Savard quickly paired it down with leather paneled pants. In the chillier seasons, it could be matched with a black oversized coat, or a red coat to make it pop.

yif_14sp_03 yif_14sp_06 yif_14sp_07 yif_14sp_09 yif_14su_03yif_14su_06 yif_14su_07 yif_14su_08


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